Graphic Design Internship Offer



Join the 90-day internship now!

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step social media design instruction
  • 12 weeks of one-on-one evaluation and tutoring from vetted professionals
  • Weekly chance to win "Intern of the Week" cash bonus!
  • Certificate of Completion for 60 hours of training and experience
  • Be featured in our Intern Gallery with a link to your portfolio you'll be building while in program
  • Possibility of paid position upon successful completion of internship!
  • Opportunity to apply to our Preferred Partner Network upon completion of program to promote yourself as a freelancer in your trade and get gigs


Account Information

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I have read and agree to the following terms:
1. This is an unpaid virtual internship program with room for weekly bonuses for exceptional performance. It would last for 90 days and could become a permanent job position if performance during internship is excellent.

2. I agree to participate in the program by meeting deadlines, participating, and being responsive.

3. Any work completed under this program will become the intellectual property of The Diamond Lab. By entering this program, I agree that my work will remain the property of The Diamond Lab.

4. Any information about The Diamond Lab gotten during this period should be treated with confidentiality.

5. I am giving consent for my photo and video footage that includes me to be used by The Diamond Lab for promotional purposes.

6. There is no guarantee of job placement at conclusion of program. Positions are based on availability and performance.